Saturday, August 18, 2007

City Of Roses

is known as the City of Roses.

Rose gardens dot the city landscape.

It could also be known as the City of Hydrangeas.

Today I visited the Japanese Garden.


Mary said...

Sounds wonderful. I am sure you are wearing your hat and have your bag of lenses with you.

It doesn't look hot. But don't tell me how cool it is, please... :O)

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

Oh how beautiful! I'm so happy to see your post, it means you are there and having a wonderful time.

The flowers are exquisite, I just adore the colors.

Enjoy your time with your precious daughter. My daughter will be coming over today, I'm excited.

It seems to have cooled down just a little bit here. It's overcast today. I don't know if we got a sprinkle yet, but maybe later.

Mary, sorry it's so hot where you are, perhaps this hurricane system will drift east and give you some rain and coolness, I hope.

Take care.