Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

My daughter and I walked
in her neighborhood.

We listened to the Robins.
We listened to the Scrub Jays and the Crows.

We laughed with the Gulls.
Merry Christmas Eve.


Mary said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Sherry!

It's so nice to giggle at birds with your daughter. Gina and I laughed together at the baby barn swallows one summer.

I bought her a little bird feeder for Christmas. I hope she takes an interest in the birds. One more thing we'll have in common :o)


Q said...

Dear Mary,
I so hope you and your loved ones had a nice Christmas.
Watching the birds with our children is very enjoyable. Your daughter will enjoy having birds come to her new feeder! You two can play, "who is at the feeder?"
When mu daughter gives a Portland bird report I am delighted!