Friday, July 27, 2007

Car Stuff

I have packed a small picnic basket
with things we will need when we leave Portland, Oregon, and head north.
I like to have snacks on the road and my water bottle.
I like to be prepared.

Also in my basket I have our bicycle backpack and my bicycle gloves and shorts.
I need to find out if I will need to bring my bike helmet.
There are field guides too. Ones I will not need until I reach Canada.

All of this I am shipping to my daughter.
That way I have the car things without having to mess with them at the airport.
I will ship it home before I leave Victoria.
I think there will be room for a couple of treasures too, in case I find something I want for the home gardens.


Cadence said...

oh, I love that duck mouth umberlla of yours,hard to find a good one in New york.
You must be a neat person, mostly they like to be prepared.
I would like you to know my granny's HHA and her daughter are harrassing me, I hope you wont be bothered with.
You blog makes me feel like my original lifestyle.

Sprite said...


Great ideas Sherry! Especially shipping ahead. You seem to just know how to prepare for things, I love that about you!


Q said...

Dear Cadence,
I have a Penguin umbrella too!
Keeping you in my blessings.
Find a flower to smell and a bird to say, "Hello" to.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am slow but very sure!
I prepare for a trip and once I leave I let go and just enjoy!
I do like the planning and the preperations, builds excitement.
We should have a fun time.
I learned yesterday the B&B has wireless internet so the laptop will work and I will be able to post from Victoria!

Mary C said...

Sherry - what a wonderful idea to ship some items ahead of time. I look forward to your vacation posts, and seeing some beautiful photos. (I'm a bit envious) ;o)

Q said...

Hi Mary C,
My daughter thought of it!
We will be on the road a few days and in Victoria we plan on bicycling. There are some little items that make road trips and bike outings more enjoyable. I do not have to have them but this way I can and it is so easy.
I like easy and comfortable!
Traveling can be fun if I give myself plenty of time and plan ahead.
I hope I do get some great photos too!