Thursday, July 26, 2007

Making Plans

I began with a large travel bag.
Something big enough to hold regular purse necessities and a few lens and filters for the camera, a travel journal and a few field guides and binoculars.
My water bottle also will fit nicely.

The brown leather bag should hold up well.
It set my color scheme for our 35th Anniversary Trip.

I am making lists.
This is a three legged journey.
We stay with our daughter, we road trip to Olympic National Park , we lodge in Victoria, British Columbia for a week.
We fly, drive, bicycle and boat.

Our house sitter is arranged.
I have the camera outfitted.
Today I outfitted me.


Cadence said...

Good Ideas!
In all of our lives there are treasures
more precious than silver or gold,
And none of these priceless treasures
can ever be bought or sold.
Life experience rely on travel sometimes.

Sprite said...


Awesome! You're on your way.... soon.

I love the bag! I am so excited for you honey.

Love you,


guild_rez said...

Hello Q...
you are on your way to Victoria B.C. Canada. What wonderful City you are going to visit. So many great pictures to take..Close by are the Butchart's Gardens I highly recommend to you.
Bon voyage,

Q said...

Dear Cadence,
I so agree!
Travel always changes me in some way. My world ezpands as I have new experiences of people and places and cultures.
New to me wild life brings more awareness of how much we need to care for Mother Earth.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
My bags are not packed yet but my plans are coming together.
The extra large purse is great. My plane stuff and my car things all fit nicely.
Thanks for sharing in my excitment.
Soon I will be on the wing of a bird. Until that time I have lists to check.

Q said...

Hi Gisela,
Yes we will have a week in Victoria!
The gardens are on my to see list.
I also will go out in the Ocean for whales and on bicycles for birds and butterflies. Maybe I will get my hair done and some shopping. High tea too!
It looks to be a beautiful place.

Sue said...

I enjoyed looking at all the pics on this page. Thanks!