Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portland, Oregon

We had a very fun time in Portland, Oregon.
Ravens were my theme for this trip.
So exciting to find a Raven feather when we left breakfast one morning.

I enjoy the attitude of the
 people who live in Portland.

The city has wild places

and wonderful gardens.

This trip we visited Washington Park

and the Rose Garden.

The zoo is only $4.oo
a person on Tuesdays.
It was very crowed!

We parked near the Rose Garden
and took the zoo train.

The Lorikeets

were so fun!

I have mixed feelings about zoos.

I am happy people are becoming aware
of how important wetlands are.

We came to Portland to celebrate
our daughter's birthday.

I treasure the memories.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun day. I am like you. Zoos are good places for education but I hate to see animals not in their proper habitat.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, I have mixed feelings about zoos. Sometimes the conservation work is extremely beneficial to some species. But there are other issues that ring alarm bells.........

I love ravens.....I get many rooks, crows, and carrion in my garden. They stroll around as if they own the place.....they are, of course, highly intelligent.

The roses are beautiful.....I do hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday. I am sure she did, having her parents with her must have been the most wonderful gift.

Rose said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos, Sherry! I've seen the Rose Garden in May and August, but you were there when it was at its best. So nice to see it in full bloom--isn't it an amazing place? I agree Portland is a wonderful city, and the residents take conservation very seriously. My daughter's apartment overlooks a wetlands, and every morning I would walk her dog along it--he enjoyed seeing all the species of ducks, too:) Besides the beauty of the city, I am most impressed with the mass transit system there. I've never visited a city where it was so easy to get around without having to drive a car everywhere and at a very reasonable price.

Happy belated Birthday to your Daughter! I'm sure her birthday was extra special having you there to celebrate it with her.