Friday, March 6, 2009

Preparing for Portland, Oregon

I am gathering my things.
I have chosen a pallet of earth tone colors.
I have put together traveling outfits.

An artist pallet will be the foundation for my found art project.
Perhaps I will find a shell or press a leaf or wild flower.
Maybe my daughter will share some moss from her garden.

My motif for this trip is the salmon.

I made my bookmark this afternoon.

I have my travel journal and my plane tickets.

I am reading about the history of the Pacific Northwest.
I am getting ready to see my daughter.
I am hoping to see her Spring.


dowhatyoulove said...

Portland, sounds like a fun journey. The Northwest is my neck of the woods, I live about 2 hours north of Seattle. Hope your visit with your daughter is/was great!

Mary said...

Sherry, I just finished catching up with your trip to Portland to see Tara and her son-in-love.

Everything made me smile or cry...

Sweet memories. Knit one pearl two.


Q said...

Dear Stacey,
Thank you! I loved every minute.
I would like to come again in the summer. It is warmer and not so wet!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Every minute with these two was delightful. They are funny and smart and taleted and so funny!!!
We laugh so much when we are with them. These two are fun. They like to go do things and they like to play games. Our daughter is a fantastic cook too. We had the best of meals.
I miss my daughter so very much....
Thank you for sharing my trip.