Monday, July 30, 2007

All set

Our Passports arrived last week.
I found pretty little dress shoes for my Anniversary dress.
I am all set.

I might want to get my hair fixed while I am in Victoria.
Maybe I could "google" Victoria Spas.
A manicure and a facial would be nice too.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Car Stuff

I have packed a small picnic basket
with things we will need when we leave Portland, Oregon, and head north.
I like to have snacks on the road and my water bottle.
I like to be prepared.

Also in my basket I have our bicycle backpack and my bicycle gloves and shorts.
I need to find out if I will need to bring my bike helmet.
There are field guides too. Ones I will not need until I reach Canada.

All of this I am shipping to my daughter.
That way I have the car things without having to mess with them at the airport.
I will ship it home before I leave Victoria.
I think there will be room for a couple of treasures too, in case I find something I want for the home gardens.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Making Plans

I began with a large travel bag.
Something big enough to hold regular purse necessities and a few lens and filters for the camera, a travel journal and a few field guides and binoculars.
My water bottle also will fit nicely.

The brown leather bag should hold up well.
It set my color scheme for our 35th Anniversary Trip.

I am making lists.
This is a three legged journey.
We stay with our daughter, we road trip to Olympic National Park , we lodge in Victoria, British Columbia for a week.
We fly, drive, bicycle and boat.

Our house sitter is arranged.
I have the camera outfitted.
Today I outfitted me.