Monday, March 30, 2009

Perfect Hostess

Bunny sits on her desk.
He tells the time and gives the forecast.
In Portland he normally says, "Rain."

If I had a Bunny our Bunnies would be ear friends.
I need a Bunny.

The four of us played cribbage after supper each night.
Little Red won the tourney.
She long ago won our hearts.

We planted an indoor herb garden together.
The chives took right off.

The boys planted strawberries in planter boxes

for the patio.

I hope they get enough sun.

Since it rained while we were at Lake Quinault we were not able to take our sketch books into the forest and do our watercolors. My daughter knew I was a little disappointed. Lake Quinault Lodge has a water color class on Saturdays. We would not be there for it since we had to leave on Tuesday. No worries, my daughter gave a water color class for just the two of us at her

kitchen table!

She knows all about watercolors.

She taught me the joy of letting go of the outcome and enjoying the process.
I need a set of watercolor pencils.

While our pages dried we went to the yarn shop. We both want to learn to knit. Even though we are 1,500 miles away from each other we both can learn to knit! We can chat about knit one and pearl two. We can both knit a scarf.

I was fascinated with her moss.

She is fascinated with the slugs that call her backyard home.

We are careful not to step on a slug!

I finished my book about the Pacific Northwest. I left it for her library.

She loaned me a book for the plane from her stacks.

Flowers filled her rooms with light.

She filled my heart with joy.

Thank you for a wonderful time in Portland, Oregon!

"Knit one, pearl two...ear friend."

I miss you dear Daughter!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lake Quinault, Washington

When we arrived at Lake Quinault
there was a slight mist.

By the time we were unpacked and in our rooms it was raining.

We enjoyed a fire in the lodge and our books.
We played cribbage and drank tea and ate cookies.
We had fun.

The next morning it was still raining.
After breakfast we bundle into our rain gear
and went for a hike in the old growth forest.

Some of the areas around the lodge are being replanted with native plants.

In the ditches by the road Skunk Cabbages were in bud.

Steller's Jay flew near in the rain.

The temperate rain forest is my favorite forest.
It is managed by Mother Nature.
There were some birds in the rain.
This Varied Thrush was spotted by my husband.

A flock of Bushtits chattered.
I loved seeing the birds but I came to be with the trees.

Even in the rain they were full of magic.

We were able to take two hikes in the Forest.

I visited my tree, my Ent.

In the Quinault rain forest I feel alive.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long Beach, Washington

We stopped at Long Beach, Washington.

It was very windy and the waves of the Pacific Ocean roared.

We stopped so we could visit the World Kite Museum.

I have been looking forward to seeing this museum.

I love kites.
I am a kite enthusiast!

I was inspired at the Kite Museum.

Local artist sell their creations in the gift shop.

They are not available on line just yet.

This is a busy beach town!

Celebrating the kite is a year long event.
Kites have a remarkable history.

There are fighter kites.
There are stunt kites.
There are kites that have saved people.
The kite is an important part of our history.
Plus they are beautiful!

There are so many different styles.
This is a Wau Bulan or Moon Kite, from Malaysia.
These are still made and flown today.

I love the way the Chinese have meanings for their symbols.

I brought home two small silk kites for my travel room.

They mean, "Happy Memories."

I could attend a conference and learn to make kites.

I could meet other kite people.

I would love to raise kites in the backyard!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Farmer's Market

On Saturday the Farmer's Market opened for the season.

We were up bright and early.

Lots of Portlanders were also at the market first thing.

The open air market smelled delicious and looked beautiful.

We needed supplies for a short road trip we were planning.
I found some incredible cookies to go with our evening tea

and a cinnamon loaf that would be nice for breakfast on the road.

Spring blooms were just opening.

The city was beautiful.

Ferns growing out of moss laden trees fascinated me.

After shopping at the Farmer's Market we stopped at the Saturday Market.
Here artist sell their creations.
We found a few must haves and some things that were on our lists.

I love supporting local artists.

All over the city this lovely red bush was in bloom.
I never did find out what it is called.
I know it as " beautiful"!