Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blue Basin Hike

We hiked the Blue Basin trail.
Right away we saw the Bullock's Oriole.

Sage scented the path.

Other worldly landscape with
fossils everywhere.

The trail was narrow in places.

I was a silent witness.

The rocks spoke to me.

I could feel the ancient life.

I am connected.

We sat in the natural amphitheater
and listened.

We left our echos

as our tribute

to this sacred site.

We took our time walking back to our car.

We watched a mother hunt bugs for her babies.
We could hear the little ones but never saw them.

This was one of the most special hikes we took.

The paleo-soils touched me deeply.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

John Day Fossil Beds Clarno Unit

Understanding geological time is easier to do when you walk in the rock formations.

This short hike helped me understand.

Every now and again I took a break from the rocks for butterflies
wild flowers

and birds.
I dearly love the Ravin.

Seeing new to us birds was wonderful.

I think this is a Blue Grosbeak.
One quick photograph is all he allowed.
A Hairstreak of some sort.

This entire trail was so interesting.

Earth has changed many times.

Familiar trees 

are ancient.

The interpretive boards explained
the rocks and the flora and fauna of the distant past.
To read them just click on the photograph
and they will enlarge.


I was looking at a fossil forest floor.

I was awed.
I am changed.

A deer fed by the road.

We saw very few people while hiking.
Our roads were lonesome too.
Just the way we like it.