Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boca Chica

When a prescribed burn closed the wildlife drive
at Atascosa we decided to head over to
Boca Chica.

The pavement ended and we were out on the beach.

When Brown Pelicans flew over I gasped.

We parked right away.
I had never driven on a beach before.

There were all sorts of cars on the beach.
I felt pleased to have seen any birds.

It was warm on the beach in the sun.

Living in the Mid-west means I seldom see shore birds.
The Ringed Billed Gulls were easy to identify!

The other shore birds I am not certain of.

As we drove back to the Inn we stopped a few times.

The Prickly Pears were starting to bloom.


Wendy said...

I've never seen prickly cactus pears growing! I've seen plenty in the grocery store, but never realized they grew on a real cactus. Thought it was just a name for those prickly pears.

Nice birds. Your shots are so clear!

Cathy said...

That last bird picture is perfect! he or she looks like it's up to something.