Monday, July 4, 2011

Gold Beach, Oregon

We stopped at Gold Beach for some beach time.

Our lodging had private, easy, beach access.
We unpacked and headed for the ocean.
Wild lupines,

red clover,
blue flag,
more lupine and

singing as we walked the trail to the beach.
It was gorgeous.

We came back to our room to watch the sunset from our patio.

A young deer was in the grassland next to our lodging.

A few California Quail looked for bugs.

A group of Brown Pelicans

flew by the setting sun.

I was so thrilled to see Brown Pelicans.

Some low clouds kept us from seeing the
sun set on the ocean.

It still was beautiful.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a pleasant setting.

Q said...

Hi Lisa,
We had a great stay!
I think I loved the easy beach access and the brown Pelicans the best. The weather was perfect too. The ocean waves are so relaxing. Just remembering their sound puts me in the zone.