Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raven House, California

We stayed at the Ravin House again this year when we visited our son in California. It is a vacation rental house on the ocean.

I watched the Sea Lions sun on the rocks.

A Pliated Woodpecker
hammered away.

California Poppies
were planted in flower gardens.

We love the Banana Slug.
They love the Ravin House.
Last year we went tide pooling.

An Otter woke up while we were tide pooling.

My favorite photograph from tide pooling
last year is this Star Fish.

I really love the light in the water.

This year the tide was too high for tide pooling.
We took a long walk on one of the beaches
and enjoyed being together at the Ravin House.

We watched the sunset
from the deck.
We fixed our stir fry.
We played a game of cribbage.
We laughed and hugged.
I like the Ravin House.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This sounds and looks absolutely idealic.

Q said...

Hi Lisa,
I really like the Ravin House.
It is a small vacation rental. Just perfect for the two of us. This was our second year.
I for sure want to go back!