Sunday, July 3, 2011

Portland, Oregon

We arrived in Portland, Oregon a day early.

Our daughter had tracked us down and encouraged
us to come a day early so we would have an extra day
in Portland. I am so glad we did too. We were busy people
doing all of our fun activities. I did not take very many photographs. I did not want the distraction of the camera.

We were downtown a few times.

I am so happy we saw the documentary
"Cave of Forgotten Dreams."
I did not care for the 3d filming but I love the subject!

We did lots of shopping.
I was so excited when I found the silver slug pins.
One for me and one for my daughter.
She made mine a felted leaf to rest on when I am not wearing it.
She just whipped this darling up while we were playing cards.
She is fast and so talented.
I found Myrtlewood slugs at the Made in Oregon shop,
"Two please."

Our daughter loves the good slug.
She taught me to love them too.
We visited the Central Library.
Amazing library.
For our daughter's birthday activity the four of us
painted our own pottery.

So much fun. I hope to do this again.

One of our gifts to her was a set of circular knitting needles.

She really took to knitting.

We drank wonderful coffee, ate delicious meals, played cribbage,
and had so much fun.

The camera was called for when spiderlings were located.

We relocated them.

We did our Fossil hunting
at the Fossil Cartel.

I bought my rock tumbler!
This is something I have wanted for years.

Portland, Oregon is a dynamic city.
Many independent shop keepers and restaurateurs
 help to keep the city on the cutting edge.

We bought fabric.
I am making a travel journal for next year's trip using 
brown paper sacks for pages and this fabric
for my cover.

We went to Scrap looking for craft supplies.
This city is an artist dream come true.
I am always inspired!

The city was preparing for the Rose Festival.
We had to leave before the festival began.
We had reserved a house on the beach in California.
We had so much fun. I have few photographs of Portland, Oregon
from this trip but I have thousands of happy memories.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you were able to concentrate on your daughter. So many fond memories were made.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
We had a wonderful time.
Sometimes I just want the "everyday way"
when I visit my daughter. The camera has a way of getting in the way....