Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Horn National Forest

We drove through the Big Horn National Forest
 in the Black Hills.

We stopped for marmots on the road.

Following a rain drop
as it shapes a canyon and finds its way to the Gulf of Mexico
was interesting. The Missouri River begins in the
Centennial Mountains of Montana.  Over 12,000 years ago
Paleo-Indiand settled the plains of the Missouri River basin.
It is a mighty river.

 Water is one of Mother Nature's sculptors.
The Mighty Missouri has shaped my life.

This water fall was gorgeous.

I had just read the interpretive board

when a Broad Tailed Hummingbird came to the feeder
the Rangers had set up.

I heard his wings and turned
to see him land on the feeder.
His gorget is hot pink!

I watched him fly off into a distant 
With his hot pink turned off,
 he blended into the surroundings.

I went back to waterfalls
and incredible bluffs.

Smoky the Bear is a favorite character of mine.

We looked for rock shops as we traveled,

most were closed.

When we arrived in Cody, Wyoming I was ready to do some shopping!

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