Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yellowstone and Idaho

We had planned to drive through Yellowstone this year.
We thought we would stay outside the park.
We just wanted to see the Trumpeter Swans again.

An avalanche two weeks prior had closed the east gate.
We had heard the gate was open from 8pm-10am.
When we arrived around 9am the gate was open.
The road was flanked by a snow bank and
 warnings issued not to stop.
We drove on to the Swan's habitat.
We waited for over two hours to see the Swans but they never came out into the wet lands.

A few other critters entertained us as we scanned for Swans.

I do love the good Ravin.
This pair was chatty.

Bison rule in Yellowstone.

Always happy to let them pass.

They have right of way.
The Elk herds looked healthy.

Not as many song birds this year.
A few Hawks hunted over the meadow.
Finally we had to leave without seeing the Swans.
We were disappointed.
I hoped the Swans were okay and nesting.
We drove on into West Yellowstone, Montana for fuel.
I shopped in a fun rock shop.

While traveling this year I am knitting a blanket.
I get chilly sometimes with the ac on and thought a car blanket would be a good project to keep me busy while I watched the scenery out the window.
We drove on into Idaho. We listened to music and chatted.

Idaho is home to amazing lava flows.
 The landscape becomes other worldly.
We stopped to read an information sign.
Back out onto the road. I picked up my knitting
and looked out the passenger window.
I spotted Swans.

"Swans," I said.
My husband found a place to turn around and we headed back east.

The Swans were nesting in a wet lands near the highway.

We got out and watched them for over an hour.

When we got back into the car we noticed a small sign,
Swan Lake.

I am so happy to know there
is a pair of nesting Trumpeter Swans
in eastern Idaho.

I shall always be grateful

I was able to see them.

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