Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wild Horse Sanctuary

We had read about the Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota.

Seeing the Horses left me speechless.

We arrived early in the morning after a night of thundershowers.
The Horses were coming up the hill following their horse trail.
I stood in tears as they came by the fence.
With thousands of acres to roam they chose this spot at this time.
I was honored to see them up close.
It was a magical moment.

My little dashboard Horsey was very pleased.

We drove down the muddy, rocky road to the headquarters of the
sanctuary. Finding fossils on display was an added treat.

The fossil record of the Horse is one of the most complete records
we have of any species.

I am studying their fossil record.

So very interesting.

The story of this sanctuary
reminds me how good people can be.
The Horses are safe here.

When we drove back up the hill to  the blacktop
our tires were filled with mud
and our hearts were filled with love
for the Wild Horses.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This book would be a good read. I love horses. What luck to be able to see them so close. They look healthy. This is a good thing.

sbo said...

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