Friday, September 7, 2007

Butterfly Gardens

We saw a sign for a butterfly garden.
We stopped and asked for directions.
This indoor garden is the one I had read about.
Right away a Leaf Mimic perched on my hat.
Even when I took my hat off the butterfly stayed.
I think it liked my hat.
This garden also was home for a few tropical birds.
The Ibis did not mind all the attention.
The Atlas Moth of Southeast Asia has the largest wing surface of any moth in the world. When the wings are closed they look like a snake's head.
As adults they do not feed; they attract mates with pheromones.
The Luna Moths in North America also are non-feeders as adults and attract their mates with pheromones.


Sprite said...



I do not know how I missed some of your posts on vacation, I am so happy I came back to look again.

These photos are stunning. I have never seen an ibis. What a WONDERFUL bird! The butterflies are gorgeous! You know when I saw that leaf on your hat, I thought it was covering the butterfly, then I realized it IS the butterfly. How amazing!

The moth is phenomenal.

Thank you! WOW.

Love you,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Like my house and gardens my blogs have hidden surprises! Glad you returned!
We had a wonderful time not only in the butterfly gardens but also hiking and being with the flora and fauna of British Columbia.
I was also WOWED by all the butterflies.