Saturday, September 1, 2007

On the road

We gave last hugs and waved goodbye.
We headed north.
Leg two of our Pacific Northwest adventure had begun.

Lovely coastal communities through Oregon and Washington State offered opportunities for coffee and iced drinks. We stopped at the Tourist Information Center when we reached Washington State. It is here we picked up our state map. When we, road trip, I always like stopping at the "I" some states call it the "?". I can learn about the natural history of an area, ask questions and pick up post cards. Long Beach, Washington, was preparing for their annual Kite Festival. I would have enjoyed staying but we had reservations and an afternoon hike planned. The weather was delightful, sunny and cool, so top down driving with the windows up made for pleasant full sky viewing. My hat kept my face shaded.

Our four hour drive was nicely paced, not too fast, not too slow.
We arrived before check-in time so we were able to drive a little into the forest. We began getting a feel for our area. Not very many roads are in the interior of Olympic National Forest. To experience the temperate rain forest we would be hiking.
A glimpse through the trees let us know it would be fine hiking.

We checked into our room, made reservations for dinner and packed the backpack. While we ate our tomato sandwiches, that I had packed from my daughter's house, we planned our afternoon hike. Lake Quinault Lodge is beautiful. The lake is pristine. Across the street is the Mercantile. I had a list of items I was hoping to find while on my trip. I always enjoy a new hat and I wear deerskin moccasins.


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

The photos are beautiful. The waterfall and moss just delight me to no end.

Your trip to the Northwest must have been just wonderful!

I'm so happy you are back! Can't wait to hear more....


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Our hikes were beyond wonderful!
Mother nature does it best! This waterfall is one of hundreds she showed us, all without pumps.
The mosses and ferns were divine!
Fairies were dancing at every turn and the trails were quiet, few human and lots of unaltered terrain. We were on earth time, slow and deliberate and devine. I learned so much from the ancient forest. The trees spoke; they are dreaming.
There were hats and shoes and jewlery too!
I am happy to be home.
I am happy to share the lessons of the Forests.
Love and blessings,

Mary said...


I wish I were there. Just to see your beautiful hats and waterfalls. Sounds devine.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
I will post a photo of my new hat and new mocs. Feets are very happy and head is cute!
There is a feather too on hat. A gift from one of my new bird friends.
I did have lots of fun and wonderful meals. I will be on salad rations next week, maybe for the next month!
I am very happy to be home, all safe and sound. I have a wee cough left over that should be gone tomorrow. At least I have deemed it to be gone.
I will have fun sharing trip with you.

Chris said...

Beautiful waterfall! I can feel the cool air and hear the splash of the water :-). Take care of that cough and make sure you don't ignore it. Looking forward to more :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Waterfalls seem to be all over the Pacific Northwest. They are lovely. Someday I would like to take a shower under a waterfall.
My "cold" came on before I was in Canada and has lasted way too long for my liking. I did get some medicine and now all I have left is "stuffy nose" and a tiny cough. Only one day was I too under the weather to go hiking. We did an auto tour so that was nice. My husband took excellent care of me so I expect to be 100% soon.
I am happy to be home!