Monday, September 3, 2007

The end of the trail....

was at the Quinault Mercantile.

I bought a hat that was made by an Quinault woman.
Later on our trip a Swan gave me a feather for my cap!


Chris said...

So, is that a Canadian slug :-) Hmmm, we have plenty of his cousins! Fun hat :-) Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure.

Sprite said...



The photos are beautiful. The hat looks like it was wool dyed and felted. It is so awesome. What a talented artisan the woman must be to create a hat so beautiful.

I love that you love hats! I love hats too. More than that, I love you. hehe


Q said...

Dear Chris,
Our friendly to the forest slug is still in the US. Although I do not think slug knows this! The Olmpic National Forest is in Washington State. Our daughter likes slugs. I have been reading how important the slug is in the forest. They also like to eat veggie gardens as you know...

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Hat is a wool dyed and felted lovely topper! I was very pleased to find her. Being an artistian is long hours for little pay so I was happy to buy hat.
I do like to find a hat on trips. These are useable, wearable art, that remind me of my time away.
I love you too!

Mary said...

The slug is for your daughter! I need to see all of your hats. Can you pack them in a "carry-on"? LOL!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Slug photo is for my daughter. She likes them. This one is rather large.
To get all my hats anywhere would be an adventure! I am currently looking for a hat box for my new hat. My hats have hat boxes, of course! I have a closet that I store my hat boxes and hats in. Every month I get different ones out. I wear my hats. I have always worn hats.
Sherry of the Swans, in a hat