Saturday, September 8, 2007

Time to pack

My husband ate wild blackberries
while we hiked in the woods.

Each morning and evening I watched the Swans.

At sunset the Swallows flew over.
We had a morning ferry to catch.
We packed our bags and said our farewells.
It was time to travel home.


Sprite said...

Dear Sherry,

Again, your photos are just stunning!

I have a great recollection of my beloved mother telling me the facts of life in my youth, while we went blackberry picking. She taught me of the sweet fruit, and to be aware of the thorns of life. She could not have chosen a better place to share this with me, as her mother had shared with her.

I am so blessed.

Swan and Swallow are perfect, morning and evening.

Thank you for giving me wonderful memories before I turn in tonight. We all make associations with the beautiful things we gaze upon...

...Mostly as I reflect on this I think~

"How wonderful life is, while you're in the world."
'Your Song' ~ Elton John

I am so blessed to call you friend,

Love you~


Chris said...

The swan photos are magnificent, Sherry. Thank you for sharing your holiday memories with us :-)

Mary said...

Sprite is right. Your photos are stunning. I will learn a lot from you...

She also cited a lyric that pertains to you,

"How wonderful life is, while you're in the world."

Mary said...

Sprite should have a blog.

Q said...

Dearest Sprity,
I was pleased with the trip photos. I took lots. I am still getting them on discs and ready for storage. I have printed and framed two and maybe I will print some more when I do my scrapbook.
My Mother had failure to tell me anything. She did not do body stuff. Thank goodness my husband knows all sorts of body things.
I do not do blackberries, the seeds get stuck in my teeth..
I love your remembering... I can take phots and you can write the words.. Like Mary said, "Sprite should have a blog" You tell excellent stories of real life events. You ARE blessed my dear, me too to know you!
Ah, I thought you would see that..
Swan and Swallow.
Oh, Sprite... how very kind of you. I will stick around too as I have pictures to take and butterfly habitat to create.
Thank you.
I too am blessed to know you and call you "girlfriend and soul sister."
My heart is full because of your care.
Love and Nameste,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
You are so welcome. Now that I have the photos almost finished I can work on the papers and what I learned while traveling. Always travel changes me and this trip taught me "understorey". I also recommited to my totem. While reading I learned I was a Naturalist. I did not know that.
I just thought I was a lady who loved plants and birds and bugs.
I will take more trips and I will learn more about how we are all connected.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I learn lots from you too! For photos Mother Nature provides the beauty all I do is take the picture. Teaching the camera is the tricky part, as it does not always want to "see" what I see.
Oh, thank you! I am happy you are here too.
We can giggle and love the birds together..even the ones that eat yummmy Koi.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I love everything about Sprite!
She is magical and darling and sweet and knowledgeable and, and, and...

Sprite said...


Thank you for your sweet words and your loving friendship. And Mary, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Oooo, maybe one day I will have a blog, who knows?

Did you girls find yourself singing the lyrics "How wonderful life is, while you're in the world?" I still am. :)

It's nice to feel that way about friends! ... and I do.

Much love,


Q said...

My Dear Sprite,
It is because of gracious people like you I still am here, I do believe! I did start singing and had tears while I was humming away.
You touch me so deeply with your love and laughter. The joy of friends and knowing YOU are here makes me cry sometimes. I am grateful for your freindship and the continued support you give.
It is an honor to know you and to share this time of change. Together we do make a difference. Together we gaze and remember and trust.
Over the rainbow,
Love you beyond the moon,

Naturegirl said...

I took the time to view your wonderful photos of your visit to B.C. Canada! I will return as I feel stronger to sit at the PC.
I celebrated my 10th anniversary at the same restaurant some 30 years ago!In fact my hubby gave me a diamond ring then..hugs getting better NG

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Goddess of the Roses,
Thank you for sharing trip with me.
We had a special dinner at Sooke Harbour House on anniversary evening. A lovely Inn.
Diamonds, flowers and holding hands on the beach are delightful ways of remembering Anniversaries.
So happy to know you are healing.
I am thinking of you!

cammyk said...

Brilliant photos.

Q said...

Hello Cammyk,
Thank you. I took lots of pictures! This area is beautiful! I would love to go back. It is a nice feeling to want to return.
Sherry of the Swans

red tin heart said...

These pictures are so beautiful. I would like to be a swan just for a few minutes, wouldn't it be neat? xo nita

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Swans are good medicine!
Swans teach me about being graceful. I understand the desire to be a Swan. I studied them while on vacation and learned much. Nearer home we have Swans that migrate in from the North. I hope to see them in a couple of weeks. I do not know when they "arrive" but they spend the winter. I would like to visit them a few times this year. Around my house I have a few Swan things. Just reminders for me.
Swans are very beautiful.
Sherry of the Swans