Thursday, September 6, 2007

Butterfly World

A Large Tree Nymph came onto my shoulder.
She walked around with me while I greeted the other wonders of the tropics.

The Doris Longwing reminded me of our Monarchs.

The Blue Morpho dazzled our eyes.
My husband was patient and waited for the Blue Morpho to open her wings.
I was chatting with the other jewels.
I was so happy to see these darlings.


Catherine said...

I have so enjoyed looking at all your butterfly Photo's...they are so beautiful!! WOW!! That Blue
Morpho is a dazzler...what a beautiful blue!!


Chris said...

The Blue Morpho is incredibly beautiful, I don't think I have ever even seen a picture of one before. And to have a butterfly walk with you! What an amazing trip.

Mary said...

Hmmmm. I will never see these tropical butterflies but at least I have your lens. They are so beautiful, Sherry. You are a fortunate lady.

Q said...

Dear Catherine,
As I go through each of my disc I am posting and I am thinking. I love the butterflies so much that I would like to print some of these tropical species and do sothing with them. My house has little space left on the walls. Maybe I could do notecards. The Blue Morpho is a dazzler.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
The butterflies did like me in the Pacific Northwest. I had many come and land on me for eye to eye time.
I kept thinking maybe I was being called to do something...
Perhaps I can continue blogging about the butterflies and promote butterfly awareness. I seem to talk about them where ever I go!
the tropicals are very lovely. I did have a fun time.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
As the climate changes, who knows maybe the butterflies will come your way. You did have the hot for them. You would need to add a lot more moisture tho!
I am spoiled by my husband. He will take me any place I want to g and carry all my stuff. He also will watch the birds and butterflies with me. He took the photo of Blue Morpho with open wings. I was busy chatting with other butterflies so I gave him the camera.
I am very fortunate! Plus I have you to share my butterflies with! That is real spoiling!!
Sherry of the Swans with a butterfly on her hat and a feather

Sprite said...


Oh Girlfriend!

These butterflies are so beautiful!

I am so touched by the "Blue Morpho." I watched a movie about the Blue Morpho, called "The Blue Butterfly," a while back. It was very good.

In the movie, it was so rare to see a Blue Morpho in its' natural habitat, that to see one is an omen of great fortune, and good health.

I will look at this beautiful Blue Morpho everyday, and pray that all who ask, will be granted such a gift as health.

I love these pictures so much.

I love you too~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I love it when you call me girlfriend!! I feel so young.
Morpho means beautiful in Greek.
They are beautiful. I also think our butterflies, here in my backyard, are beautiful...
We both can send health to those that are working on wellness.
I love that about you, always thinking of others.
Cheers and wellness and laughter and love,
Sherry of the Swans