Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Lake

A quiet approach,
respect of homes,
and hunting grounds.

We coexist.


Chris said...

The birds on the water are magnificient! I love water reflections, so difficult to get just right :-) Just brilliant!

Sprite said...


Oh Dear, is that an Eagle? It is beautiful.



Q said...

Dear Chris,
I too like the reflections of the birds in the water. It does take a bit of luck, sun being just right and such. I have some nice shots when we were in Canada I am looking forward to sharing. The female Common Merganser must have had a nest near by. We did not see the male. I was pleased to get a few nice photos of her swimming.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Our bird of prey here is an Osprey. We did see an Eagle while we were driving. Sea Hawks and Osprey seemed to be the common hunting birds in this area. As long as we were quiet we did not seem to be a bother.

Mary said...

I love Osprey. I'm in love with water - any size pool. Since childhood, I've been mesmerized by water.

Your photos blow me away.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I too love the Ospreys. I like water too. I have two tiny garden ponds but that is all the water near me! This lake is so pristine that I bet the water is safe to drink! Next time I want to do a three or four night stay and canoe on the lake.
Sherry of the Swans